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Freecooling System

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Energy-saving System that Utilizes Natural Energy Sources.

In order to save energy, this system uses the outside air temperature in winter to produce cold water so that it can be used as a cooling source.

  • Using a cooling tower, outside air temperature produces cold water in order to reduce cooling machine loads.
  • Fully-automated operation and a supply of temperature assured water.
  • For prolonged utilization, direct cooling is achieved with bypassed cooling pipes.
  • To improve system efficiency, a closed-type cooling tower is preferable.
  • The technology can be applied to an existing open-type cooling tower.
  • Application to the cooling water of a high-temperature system further improves the efficiency.

Flow of Freecooling System

Energy-saving Impact of Freecooling

  • We have a construction example in which the energy consumed in winter by cooling machines was reduced 50% compared with the previous year.
  • Freecooling depends on locality because of its sensitivity to the WB temperature (wet-bulb temperature) in outside air.
  • Our simulation software can easily estimate the energy-saving effects.

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