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Large-Space Air Conditioning Technology

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What is large-space air conditioning technology?

Technology that provides comfortable environment through efficient air conditioning for limited area for specific occupants or installed equipments in large spaces with higher ceilings, such as factories, lobbies, or gymnasiums.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to build comfortable spaces


Spot Air-conditioning System

This technology focuses the air conditioning in a large factory space only around the workers. This helps boost the productivity levels through an improvement in working conditions, while enabling greater cost reductions than those achieved when air-conditioning the large space entirely.

A factory equipped with spot outlets
Outlet for spot air conditioning


  • Improvement of working environments and energy efficiency

    Spot- cooling system for workers or heating surfaces in hot environment factories.
    Air blowns at high speed allow the worker to feel the flow with effective cooling that lowers the feeling temperature, with technology that improves working conditions while saving energy at the same time.

  • Economical cooling equipment

    We can construct air conditioning equipment that saves and initial costs.
    This economical system with low-running cost is designed to provide air to limited required area or certain time period.

Design Process

Design Process for Improvement of Working Conditions

What is SET?
Standard New Effective Temperature: This is an index for evaluating six elements in a thermal environment (workload, amount of clothing, temperature, radiation temperature, airflow, and humidity) with a single measure.

Example planning of blowing in summer and winter