i-CEO(innovative Clean Effective Oven)

Paint Baking Oven

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What is paint baking oven?

Many of the materials used in painting are heat curing. Firing at the right temperature for the right period of time is necessary to bring out the desired performance of these heat-curing paints. There are also several types of paint baking ovens, but currently hot air circulation ovens are the main type.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency
  • Want to make the best use of limited spaces


The i-CEO system places the conveyor on the outside of the drying oven compartment to prevent the dust or oil of the conveyor from entering and staining the drying oven. Placing the conveyor in the low-temperature area outside of the oven allows use of friction-driven or self-propelled conveyor systems.


  • Appropriate sealing is applied to the connecting shaft to the conveyor, to protect it from the hot atmosphere of the oven.
  • The minimum dimensions are used for the oven itself, to limit heat dissipation loss as much as possible.
  • The oven and the external combustor are fabricated in units at the factory, shortening the time for onsite installation.
  • The basic structure is ductless, without external ducts, making for an attractive exterior appearance.
  • We provide open hearth ovens with minimal heat loss at openings by using air seals. The installation space is smaller than conventional vertical ovens.

Externalized oven cross-section of the conveyor