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What is paint baking oven?

Many of the materials used in painting are heat curing. Firing at the right temperature for the right period of time is necessary to bring out the desired performance of these heat-curing paints. There are also several types of paint baking ovens, but currently hot air circulation ovens are the main type.

What is air seal?

Drafts from paint baking oven openings allow the hot air inside to escape outside, worsening the factory environment. Taikisha has developed air seals with heat barrier properties matching flat type and camel-back ovens to improve factory environments and help save energy.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency
  • Want to make the best use of limited spaces


Our new air seal at the opening of the open hearth oven greatly reduces heat loss compared to conventional air seals. Now we can provide factories with open hearth ovens that equal trapezoidal drying ovens with excellent performance for heat leakage in the factory.


  • Significant reduction of heat loss and cutting the airflow supply in half

    The conventional air seals for open hearth ovens had a problem with loss of air outside the oven due to air from the nozzle hitting the body while it was in place. This new air seal adopts a novel system with two nozzles blowing air at different angles, greatly lowering heat loss and halving the airflow supply.

  • Improvement of work environment in the factory

    Conversion from existing air seals is possible, enhancing the environment inside the factory.

Installation Illustration

Exterior Appearance

Internal Structure

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