To Individual Investors

The information presented here is designed to help you understand Taikisha better.

What's Taikisha?

  • Point 01

    Producing stable profits with operations in 3 business fields

    Taikisha conducts a wide range of businesses both in Japan and overseas in theree business fields: Building HVAC, Industrial HVAC and Paint Finishing System.

  • Point 02

    A solid global network

    For over 50 years, Taikisha has established affiliates in many area of the world. It has 28 affiliates(As of October 2023)

  • Point 03

    The development of our unique Businesses

    Taikisha is expanding into unique business areas such as its "Vege-factory", a fully artificially lit hydroponic plant factory, as well as automation, which leverages the technology and know-how we have acquired through its automotive painting operations.

  • Point 04

    A time-honored company that had been in business for 100 years

    Taikisha has been over a century in business since founding as Kenzaisha Ltd. in 1913. Taikisha has gone from strength to strength based on its internationality and our miission statement "Customers First."