Zero Clear Coating

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What is Zero Clear?

It is a 100% inorganic paint that is environmentally friendly. Metals, ceramics, and glass with this paint are given super-hydrophilic properties. Therefore, the surface retains excellent antifouling / protective effect, surface hardness (pencil hardness 9H or more) and antibacterial effect. In addition, it has the ability to remove dirt with just water.

  • Zero Clear is registered trademark of Gogoh Co., Ltd.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency
  • Want to heighten equipment efficiency and paint quality
  • Want to improve labor environments and achieve automation


Zero Clear Coating removes stains with only water while maintaining the same level of quality. Taikisha is steadily employing these special coating properties for products that present a major burden for cleaning when used in painting factories. It is already in use in several fields such as construction materials, tableware, kitchen equipment, factory equipment (mainly for painting), and consumer electronics. Both new installation and incorporation into existing layouts are available.


  • Improvement of the painting factory environment

    As the automation of painting proceeds, staining on robots, painting machines, and opening-closing jigs is unavoidable. Cleaning peripheral equipment requires a lot of labor, while removing paint stains with organic solvents carries risks to health. In addition, protective films stained with paint must be treated as industrial waste. Using Zero Clear allows us to provide equipment that is friendly to the natural environment and improves this painting environment.


For example, around the kitchen where oil stains are attached, the stains on Zero Clear coating products can be easily removed by using only water.

Grating stained with paint solvent
(Normally cleaned by applying thinners)

Cleaned by only water