Pre-wash Microbubbles

Pre-treatment System | Grease-removal technology

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What is Pre-treatment System?

Pre-treatment system remove dust and grease adhering to surfaces to be painted in the initial process, and form a chemical conversion coating for metal surfaces. They enhance adhesion properties of the item to be painted, and provide anti-corrosion properties to metal.

What is degreasing technology?

If grease is not thoroughly removed from the surface to be painted, the proper chemical conversion coating is not achieved, lowering anti-corrosion properties, and causing coating or other quality defects. Taikisha provides several technologies to improve grease removal, including use of micro-bubbles.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency


The use of microbubbles in the degreasing and cleaning process (pre-cleaning process) provides an efficient degreasing system. Microbubbles have a mechanism to improve degreasing performance. The pre-cleaning tank contains the surfactants contained within the degreasing solution, making it an ideal environment for the generation of microbubbles.


  • No preliminary degreasing

    Microbubbles improve the degreasing performance in the pre-washing process, eliminating the need for preliminary degreasing.

    The high-performance water washing system (no preliminary degreasing) reduces running costs by 13% for pretreatment overall, and shortens the process by 11%. *Equivalent to 240,000 production units per year
    • *
      Patent pending
  • Low temperatures in the pre-washing tank

    By introducing microbubbles into the pre-washing process, we can maintain the grease-removing performance while lowering the temperature in the pre-washing tank.

    E.g. from 46°C to 35°C

Introduction Video

This video shows the degreasing effect of pre-washing microbubbles.