Sock Chilling System (Cloth Filter)

Low Wind Speed Cooling Technology

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What is low-wind speed cooling technology?

Conventional air-conditioning airflow under active convection can affect either or both indoor comfort and quality of products in factory.
Here we present air conditioning technology that avoids the effects of unpleasant airflows by providing air-conditioned air in a very low speed, causing its free fall.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to build comfortable spaces


Comfortable Blowing without Direct Airflow

This system creates uniform indoor airflows by passing the air through a cloth filter.
It delivers the aditional benefits of preventing chilling due to uncomfortable airflow and keeping a clean and quiet environment. The system is most suitable for a hospital room, classroom, gymnasium, library, laboratory, food factory, pharmaceutical plant, liquid crystal film factory, and an animal room.

Example of use in a hospital room


  • Free from drafts, no chilling even at a low temperature

    In food and in-flight meal factories, which require operations at low temperatures, this system provides cooling without a direct airflow to worker's bodies, preventing any uncomfortable chills.

  • Easy to handle

    Since consisting of a fold of cloth, the sock filter can easily be handled and cleaned up, despite its apparent bulkiness during operation.

  • Blowing from the whole surface without condensation and airflow noises

    Blowing air from its whole surface, airflow is quiet and extremely comfortable while the sock filter doesn't cause an outlet to be partially cooled, preventing condensation from occuring.

Configuration of the system