All-LED Plant Factories

Taikisha's Technology

What is full-LED plant factory?

A plant factory that solely uses LEDs to grow vegetables in a clean indoor environment unaffected by climate conditions, providing a future cultivation style that can cope with the social issues of food safety and stable supply.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to lift productivity
  • Want to improve labor environments and achieve automation


Vege-factory: World's only facility which can produce crisphead lettuce in a large volume.


Environmental Control Technology

Superior plant technology taking advantages of an environmental engineering company

  • Excellent irradiation efficiency

    Our highly efficient lighting system with reflective panel can produce vegetables with an optimum lighting time that is best suited for the nature of the plant body. In addition, the Farm achieves substantial reduction of electricity cost by utilizing night-time power.

  • Air Conditioning System for Multistage Grow Beds in a Large Space

    Taikisha’s unique air conditioning system prevents inconsistency in temperature and humidity among multistage grow beds in a large space, maintaining constant environment to grow vegetables.

Effective Design

State-of-the-art engineering technology to reduce production cost

  • Multiple cultivation shelves

    Our multi-shelf structure of maximum 12 shelves will greatly improve the efficiency of using space.

  • Improving work environment

    The intermediate stage system will improve work efficiency and create safe working environment.

Cultivation Technique

The cultivation techniques that achieve increase of harvest

  • Hydroponic plant using nutrient solution

    A stable harvest of 365 days a year can be realized by the continuous cultivation system, where the nutrient solution is supplied by circulating and recycling system.

  • Applicable Vegetables

    The Farm can grow a variety of vegetables including crisphead lettuce, which was said to be impossible to grow in plant factories using only artificial lighting. Moreover, there is a possibility to evolve into new production fields such as high-function-vegetables and preventive medicine.

Applicable Vegetables: Korean lettuce Romaine lettuce Red-leaf lettuce Crisphead lettuce Frill lettuce Mizuna (Potherb mustard) Greenleaf These are only examples, and you can grow many other vegetables. Please contact us for more detail.


Puri-na is pure (=Puri) leafy greens (=<Na/菜> in Japanese) grown under controlled-indoor hydroponic farming.

Safe and Reliable

Pesticide-free* Cultivation and Uncompromising Hygienic Control Technology by Germ- and Insect-Prevention System

  • Clean Environment

    Vegetables are safe, reliable and hygienic because they are cultivated without the use of any pesticides in a completely enclosed and clean emvironmnet, shutting out the outdoor air. Quality and taste are improved by the environment that is best suited for growing vegetables.

  • Germ- and Insect-Prevention

    We realize a thorough and uncompromising hygienic control by using our technologies such as antibacterial filter and monitoring technology.

    No pesticides are used during the cultivation period (the period from sowing to harvesting).
    Cultivated in a completely enclosed indoor factory, so there is no risk of contamination by pesticides from outside.

Seamless Support for Plant Factory Construction

  • Taikisha Provides Consistent Full Support for Plant Factories, from Business Planning, Construction to After-Service Maintenance.

    Taikisha provides consistent support for plant factory construction, from consultation of business planning, construction, to after-service maintenance like cultivation support. With our experience and expertise, we can meet a variety of requests from our customers, for example, using existing factory,warehouse or building for the plant factory.

  • Global Operation

    Taikisha has a worldwide network spreading about 20 countries and regions. You can operate the plant factories in many areas of the world utilizing our network.