Exhaust System with an Auxiliary Jet

Diffusion-Preventing Local Exhaust Technology

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What is anti-diffusion type localized exhaust system?

This technology improves the working environment in manufacturing process handling powders such as phermaceuticals and chemicals or machienery oil mist and welding process generating fume. Reduction of exhaust air volume is available by making intake air dense with auxiliary jet mounted at the exhaust port.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to eliminate harmful substances/viruses


This service helps improve the working conditions on the manufacturing floor with cutting-edge localized exhaust systems.

Exhaust System with an Auxiliary Jet

Without an auxiliary jet

Exhaust system with an auxiliary jet

  • By equipping the exhaust ports of our exhaust systems to include exhaust hoods with auxiliary jets, our systems prevent air taken-in from dispersing, to achieve a higher air concentration, which in turn allows for exhaust with minimal air volume. Tests conducted in our laboratory have demonstrated that this system delivers a higher exhaust efficiency when distanced from the emission source.
  • Additionally, by combining this system with our VOC exhaust treatment system it will contribute to not only the improvement of working conditions, but also the environment around the factory.
Graph: Collection efficiency with or without the auxiliary jet Collection efficiency (column): 0.5, 1.0 from the bottom Row: from left "5D: without", "5D: with", "8D: without", "8D: with" D: Distance from the source assuming the diameter of the exhaust port is 1. 5D indicates 5 times the diameter, 8D is 8 times the diameter. 5D: without ⇒ 0.85; 5D: with ⇒ 0.93 8D: without ⇒ 0.03; 8D: with ⇒ 0.71"


  • Improved work environment

    Mounting the exhaust system with an auxiliary jet at the exhaust port increases the density of the air intake, allowing a small volume of exhaust. The high collection efficiency targeting the source improves work environments.