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Robot System Integrate | Intermediate and Top Coat Systems

Taikisha's Technology

What is robot system integration?

Simply collecting together robots, peripheral equipment, and tools does not result in the automation you might expect. Taikisha acts as a robotics system integrator to analyze specific issues for our users, so that we can provide the optimal systems and equipment.

What is intermediate and top coat systems?

Taikisha has a lineup centered on Sames products, including its own brand products. We have a lineup of coating machines that can handle 1-component type, 2-component type, and various other types of paint. We also have a high-coating rate electrostatic atomization method and a jet nozzle type coating machine.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to lift productivity
  • Want to improve labor environments and achieve automation


Taikisha offers automation by integrating six-axis wall-mounted robots to open doors, and trunks. We also offer novel automation intending to further reduce the number of units and the length of the process by using seven-axis robots. Reduction of the length of the proess and the entire length of the booth helps to conserve energy with equipment. And, to maintain a high level of quality, dedicated cleaning devices are attached to the heads of the painting machines.

Example high-density layout by employing a seven-axis robot

Example layout using a robot to open and close doors