Path Difference Silencer

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What is noise control technology?

Taikisha has been working on advancing, faster development of sound damping technology such as Inner-duct silencers and sound reducing systems for out door units of HVAC systems. These achievements are provided based on experiments and analysis with acoustic test system and original acoustic analysis software.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to lower noise levels


As Figure 1 shows, the path difference model splits the original sound into two paths with differing lengths to reduce noise through superimposition with the confluent section. Figure 2 is an example with a path difference model tuned to 125 Hz embedded in a sound absorbing chamber.

Figure 1. Silencing mechanism of the path difference model

Figure 2. Path difference model example (1): chamber with path difference model

Figure 2. Path difference model example (2): comparison of sound reduction levels


This silencing system focuses on the fact that sound comes in waves, changing the length of propagation paths to alter their phase and then synthesizing them to utilize their property of mutual cancellation.