Eco-Rac® (Heat Recovery System with No Cross-contamination)

Contamination-Free Exhaust Heat Recovery Technology

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What is the contamination-free exhaust heat waste recovery technology?

Exhaust air is in a certain isolation from supply air in this heat waste recovery system by placing coils with fans both for the exhaust air and the intake air, causing water (brine) to circulate as a refrigerant between them.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency


Heat recovery from exhaust gas

Eco-Rac® is a heat recovery system that completely prevents exhaust-gas contaminants from getting into the air supply. It is perfect for saving energy in the production of semiconductors or medical products, or for laboratory animal labs.

  • In fiscal 2005, it received the Japan Association of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Contractors Chairman's Encouragement Prize for Excellent Energy-saving Equipment.

Layout of Eco-Rac®system


  • Energy & cost saving

    Eco-Rac® is a run-around wet coil heat recovery system. It evenly sprays water over either exhaust gas or outside air coils, depending on which has the lower enthalpy, beginning with wetting the upper part of the coil it thus achieves the greatest heat exchange using the latent heat of vaporizing water. This provides a more efficient heat exchange and a great energy-saving effect, enabling the initial investments to be recovered in four or five years.

  • Heat recovery system with no cross-contamination

    Adopting the run-around method, this system has separate coils with a fan, one for exhaust gases and the other for outside air.

    Flow diagram of Eco-Rac®

  • No restrictions on installation location

    The exhaust and outside air intake units can be installed at separate locations.
    The heat exchange in the Eco-Rac® system occurs in piping containing a heat medium, allowing the Outside air and Exhaust units to be laid out as desired. In other words, the outside-air intake can be installed away from the exhaust port for providing a better quality of supply air and the layout and ductwork in the machine room are not constrained by their installation.
    In addition, whether indoor or outdoor, the system requires only a small space for installation.

    Example outdoor installation

  • Effective for the reduction of CO2 emissions

    Eco-Rac® enables CO2 emissions with outside air loads to be reduced annually by about 25%. (Estimation on the Tokyo region)

  • Support for the air heat exchange over a wide range of temperatures

    Including exhaust gas from a low-temperature room, the system can recover heat from exhaust gases with a wide range of temperature from -20°C to +80°C.