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What is noise control technology?

Taikisha has been working on advancing, faster development of sound damping technology such as Inner-duct silencers and sound reducing systems for out door units of HVAC systems. These achievements are provided based on experiments and analysis with acoustic test system and original acoustic analysis software.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to lower noise levels


Active noise control once attracted attention over twenty years ago, yet not widespread at the moment. Comperatively higher prices and the unstable performance has been consideres to its inhibitation for popularity. Taikisha is actively working on promoting higher performance of multi channel active noise control. Figure 1 is an example of a three-channel system; as the measurement results in (2) show, the performance is much better than the conventional one-channel system.

Figure 1. Example of active noise control (1): Experimental system

Figure 1. Example of active noise control (2): Measurement results


  • High sound-reducing effect

    This silencing system measures sound defected in paths and applies a reverse-phase sound to cancel. Internal sound of the duct primarily has middle or low frequencies. Active noise control has very effective on these frequencies.