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What is environmental testing equipment?

Taikisha provides high-quality and compact equipment for high-precision environmental testing system with energy-saving based on our abundant experience.

What is environment reproduction technology?

Performance tests and durability tests are provided for products and parts for automobiles, appliances, and housing under various environments. Reproduction of various climatic conditions are available such as temperature and humidity, rain, snow, sunshine, and so on.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency
  • Want monitoring and control
  • Want to make the best use of limited spaces


Energy-saving and compact technology to reproduce various types of natural environmental conditions with high accuracy

This control technology uses a direct expansion system to further reduce environmental impact. It achieves excellent control performance and reproduces natural environmental conditions in test chambers with high accuracy while saving energy and space.


  • Accuracy in temperature control as high as ±0.5°C (HVAC outlet temperature).
    (Average temperature control accuracy is ±1 to 2°C).
  • 45% better energy saving than the conventional energy system with our unique technology for the compressor inverter control.
  • Non-stop and single-step control operations with the inverter control and the hot gas bypass control.
  • Quick response to changes of room temperature settings from high temperature to low temperature, etc.
    (Example: Cooling down at the pace of -1°C per minute of the temperature variation)
  • Ductless and space-saving in machinery chambers through the introduction of the unit cooler system.
    (Example: Saving spaces by 10 ㎡ approximately with the class of 30,000 ㎥/h)
  • Stable temperature control achieved with our unique superheat control method
  • Integrated condensing unit saves energy even in larger environmental chambers


Basic specifications

Temperature Setting: -30 to 50°C*
Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Humidity Setting: 30 to 90%*
Accuracy: ±5%
  • Non-stop operation even at low loads.
  • Continuous operation with a dry dehumidifier.
  • Available for snowfall testing.
  • *
    Temperature and humidity conditions are adjustable based on customer needs.

Energy-saving comparison

Comparison of energy consumption

Smooth Temperature Control

According to a pull-down period requested by a customer, the following simulations are conducted to help you select an energy plant.

Comparison with direct expansion (fixed speed) set at 100: brine (fixed speed) 130, direct expansion (fixed speed) 100, direct expansion (inverter) (55). Direct expansion (inverter) saves energy by 45% compared to direct expansion (fixed speed).

Direct expansion system flow

Energy-saving point 1: Controls refrigerant evaporation temperature to prevent unnecessary humidification or dehumidification. Point 2: Continuous stable compressor operation via inverter control + hot gas bypass control. Point 3: Inverter control of the compressor's suction pressure

Conceptual image of the system

Automobiles environment test chamber (chassis dynamometer)

The system image above shows a environmental chamber for automobiles(chassis dynamometer). We also provide larger or thermostatic chambers applicable for systems such as car engine test benches, housing or construction materials, solar cell modules, domestic fuel cell generators while general-use chamber is not.

Temperature control example under load fluctuation occurance

Our unique superheat controls, which limit expansion valves within a set tolerance, provide stable temperature control for quickly returning to a stationary state from any situation, whether ordinary operation, load fluctuations, or changing the temperature settings.

Unique superheat control/standard superheat control (PID control)

Snowfall equipment

Dual types of snow are available in order to carry out experiment under snowfall climate.

  • Crystallized type snow for covering up the ground
  • Granuated snow assuming for gusting snow or snow around moving automobiles.


Snowfall test, A formed crystal

Crystalization system image


Snowstorm test

Formed ice particles

Granuated type snow production image