Louvreme® (Vertical-type Waterproof Louver)

High-Speed Moisture Capture Technology

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What is the high-speed waterdrop caption?

Water droplets in passing through air should be collected properly by external louvers on building façade or eliminators in air conditioners.
Conventional louvers and eliminators require larger contact areas compared to the the size of connected duct in order to ensure the droplet collection by lowering velocity of air passing through.
High velocity louver with low-pressure drop while same droplet collection fuction is provided corresponds to the convectional louvers.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to make the best use of limited spaces


We provide louvers that drastically improve the effectiveness of design, functionality, and earthquake resistance.

Use case of Louvreme®
Vertical blades installed


  • The vertical eliminator dramatically improves draining capabilities, especially for rain blow upwards and in a typhoon.

  • Reduced resistance coefficient -> Greater energy saving

  • Dramatic reduction of noises
    High-speed type: 67dB, Medium-speed type: 51dB

  • The high-speed type supports a face velocity of up to 4.5m/s.

  • The installation area is halved relative to traditional louvers. The opening area on the wall can be smaller.

Comparison of the draining capabilities in a typhoon.
Cross-sectional Model of Louvreme® Blades
Images of cross section