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Ranging from working sites to the aerospace industry, our solutions help to achieve energy-saving as environmental measures, including large-space to spot air-conditioning systems, working site improvement, exhaust treatment equipment, energy-saving proposals and more.

Other Industries:Our technology & service

VOC Treatment & Odor Control System

We offer a wide variety of environmental protection systems, including various exhaust gas treatment and dust collection facilities and wastewater treatment systems.

Energy Solutions

We develop energy-saving designs, ESCO business, BEMS, from the viewpoint that there should be a reduction in the environmental load and energy costs.

Wind Tunnel Technology

We are introducing wind tunnel technology which creates the optimum environment for your characteristics test measurements.

Test Environment for Automobiles

Introducing our direct expansion system control with a large-scale screw compressor.

Uniform Management System

We are fully prepared to provide the high quality of design and construction for customers who are operating their factories, globally.

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