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Robot Paint System

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Utilizing simulations with CAD, the design of a robot paint system seeks the most efficient painting procedure within a time frame for painting and determines the optimal number of required robots. Furthermore, as our solution, we offer our Robot Paint System to meet your needs as your optimized choice for a device based on our years of experience.

Laboratory Test

For production lines, it is important to verify the painting quality which cannot be estimated with CAD simulations. At our Zama Technical Center, the quality of painting can be verified by operating actual robots in testing based on the data from the CAD simulations.

  • Watch videos that demonstrate various robot technology systems in operation at the Zama Technical Center.

Paint Application

The system uses a large-volume discharge painter that enables you to drastically increase the paint processing quantity. This feature has led to a greatly enhanced painting capacity per unit.
It reduces the number of robots by 25% to 50% as well as the robot installation areas of the paint area. As a result, it contributes to a reduction of CO2 emissions.

High Viscosity Paint System

The system discharges paints at high accuracy, enables you to avoid wasted paint through achieving dust-free paint, minimizes paint consumption and reduces the number of robots with the introduction of a tri-direction adjustable applicator.

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