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Pre-treatment System

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We offer our paint systems for pretreatment that are designed to improve processing quality and to conserve energy.
Our unique lineup includes the iron removal system (Flood Spray), high-performance washing system (Parallel Separator), and counter-flow circulation tank in the degrease process, and high-pressure spray water washing processes.

Iron Power Removal System


Our pre-treatment system enables you to efficiently remove iron powder that causes most failures.

  • Remove iron powder from the body with the deluge spray and separate it with the parallel separator in the pre-washing process.
  • Collect the iron powder to the bottom of the entrance with the counter flow circulation in the degrease process.
  • Use high-pressure spray (I-LAS) to wash off iron powder from body surfaces in the water washing process.


I-LAS (Impact Blast Washer System) is our high-performance water washing system.
Our unique design standard helps develop a system to efficiently remove iron powder from body surfaces with an optimally minimized water amount and pressure and contributes to reducing dirt or dust. It aims to eliminate electrodepositing sanding (non-sanding).

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