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Paint Drying Oven

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We offer a paint-drying oven that responds to temperature increases in body areas.
The paint-drying oven focuses on any temperature increase in heating zones of thick parts such as body inner plates or pillars where it is difficult to dry paints while maintaining the temperature of keep-zones with a minimized flow rate as an energy-saving effort.
Our Symmetry Oven and high-speed heating ovens have made a great contribution in many paint lines.

Symmetry Oven

Our Symmetry Oven can raise the temperature of difficult to heat areas in the kiln, such as the outer sill at the bottom of the body, the bases of pillars, and the front floor, within a shorter period of time than traditional kilns. Applying rapid moving hot air to the body through a slit-type nozzle enables this design is to be a fast heating kiln that enhances the raising of temperature in thick parts in and around the body.

Left:Symmetry Oven for keep zones (Low air flow energy-saving type)
Right:Fast-heating kiln for heating zones (Improved heating type)

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