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Paint Finishing System

We provide systems that improve paint finish quality and maximize the countermeasures against dust and extraneous materials, delivering our technologies and services for each step of the paint process, from the entrance to the exit of a painting plant.
We can offer not only an individual painting process, but also a comprehensive system including robot systems, paint circulation systems, conveyor systems, and antipollution systems. By controlling CO2 and VOC from painting facilities at the design phase, we contribute to preservation of the global environment.

Paint Finishing System:Our technology & service

Pre-treatment System

We offer our paint systems for pretreatment that are designed to improve processing quality and to conserve energy.

Electrodepositing System

We provide our paint system for electrodepositing lines that achieve high quality and energy conservation.

Paint Booth

This section introduces our high-performance CIRCULA scrubber and energy-saving technologies.

Paint Drying Oven

We offer a paint-drying oven that responds to temperature increases in body areas.

Robot Paint System

Introducing our robot paint systems.

Paint Feeding System

We offer paint feeding systems which are of optimum suitability for a variety of paints.

Conveyor System

Introducing our conveyor systems.

Control of Quality & Production

We are introducing a production control support system for higher paint quality.

VOC Treatment System for paint processes

With our regenerative thermal oxidizer (rotary RTO), we offer solutions for VOC treatments and deodorization in paint processes.

Aircraft Painting

Introducing our automated aircraft painting systems and large space environmental control systems.

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