Automatic Retractable Grating (Sliding Floor)

Paint booth | Automatic retractable grating

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What is paint booths?

Paint booths apply intermediate and top coat on the object being painted, forming designs, and coating to protect the undercoat from ultraviolet rays and the wind and rain. The large size of these machines emphasizes technologies to make them more compact and save energy with air conditioning controls.

What is automatic retractable grating?

Cleaning the grating is quite a burdensome aspect of the maintenance of a paint booth. The shift in recent times to automated booths means a floor is no longer required, allowing us to install grating that automatically retract during painting to reduce the work required for cleaning.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to make the best use of limited spaces
  • Want to improve labor environments and achieve automation


This automatic retractable grating is placed on the floor area of the robot zone in the paint booth. It is stored during production and rolled out for maintenance, minimizing adhesion of paint mist.

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  • Effective use of limited space

    The winding device can be stored in the narrow area of the tank under the booth.

  • Improvement of work environments and allows automation

    The grating wash cycle performed during non-operating times is longer. The grating automatically opens and closes with an explosion-proof motor.

  • Reduced load for grating cleaning

    Adopting an automatic retractable grating in the robot installation area of the paint booth reduces the load for grating cleaning.

  • Reduction of paint mist

    The grating is stored during production, then rolled out for maintenance, limiting the amount of paint mist that adheres to it.