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Electrodepositing System

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We provide our paint system for electrodepositing lines that achieve high quality and energy conservation. Our counter flow circulation system (C-FLOW Electrodepositing Circulation System) for electrodepositing tanks has been introduced in many lines. Furthermore, our multi-stage washer systems offer a high paint recovery rate using UF membranes (ultra filter) or RO membranes (reverse osmosis).

C-FLOW Electrodepositing Circulation System

Utilizing a counter flow, this system reduces the number of defective points caused by grit and dust on the surface of a car body, by expelling the motes introduced with the body from the tank.
This reduces the frequency of circulation of paints, saving the power for pumping.
The system improves the bonding strength of electrodeposited coating. It can also be installed by modifying an existing electro-deposition tank.

Paint Recovery System

Electrodepositing washing in the 1980s: UF washing in three stages, industrial water washing in two stages, full-dip stage

Paint recovery rate: 96%; waste water: 200 to 300 L/unit

Electrodepositing washing in the 1990s: UF washing in four stage, pure water washing in two stages

Paint recovery rate: 97%; waste water: 120 L/unit

Electrodepositing washing with ECS: UF washing in three stages, pure water (ECS) washing in two stages

Paint recovery rate: 98%; waste water: 40 to 50 L/unit

Electrodepositing washing with RO: UF / RO washing in five stages

Paint recovery rate: 99%; waste water: 30 to 40 L/unit

Our washing systems achieve a high paint recovery rate with UF or RO. They are designed to reduce waste water that is discharged from electro-deposition systems and contribute to environmental preservation.

  • * UF (Ultra Filter):Paint filtering devices with ultrafilter membrane
  • * RO (Reverse Osmosis):Paint filtering devices with reverse osmosis membrane
  • * ECS (ED Closed System):Paint recovery system with UF after the pure water washing stage

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