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Conveyor System

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We offer conveyor systems for automobile paint systems. Our facilities help to design compact and highly efficient factory layouts for production.
Also, our unique systems (mono-truck, etc.) are available with overhead conveyers for pretreatment and electrodepositing lines as well as floor conveyers for intermediate coat and top coat lines.
In addition, a broad range of our conveyor systems have been introduced such as the pendulum type, the flexible type (E-DIP®), and conveyor systems for bumpers.

E-DIP®(Paint System for Pretreatment & Electrodepositing Lines)

Environment and Quality Support System for Pretreatment and Electrodepositing Lines in Auto Painting Facilities

Reducing the line length
  • Shortening the system length by changing the degree of steepness at which an item enters and exits the tank
  • Saving space by eliminating the escape line
Reduction of processes
Space saving
Minimizing liquids removed and air pockets
  • Reducing the liquids removed through the flexible setting of the in/out and the rotation angles in the tank for each car model (8L/body 5L/body)
  • Enhancing rust prevention by minimizing air pockets
Reduction of waste liquids
Reduction of used chemicals
Improvement of quality
Providing faster treatment
  • Reducing the treatment time through model-specific process paths, process selections between showering and dipping, and variable-pitch transport
  • Reducing the treating time with a variable-pitch transport that has been unavailable with traditional systems
Reduction of processes
Improvement of quality
Preventing defectives due to grit and dust
  • Removing conveyor rails from over the tank to prevent defectives due to grit and dust falling from the rails
Improvement of quality
Reducing the overall initial and running costs of a system Energy-saving
Resource saving

The No. 1 unit has been introduced in Mitsubishi Motors.

  • Watch a video that demonstrates how E-DIP® operates.

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