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We offer conveyor systems for automobile paint systems. Our facilities help to design compact and highly efficient factory layouts for production.
Also, our unique systems (mono-truck, etc.) are available with overhead conveyers for pretreatment and electrodepositing lines as well as floor conveyers for intermediate coat and top coat lines.
In addition, a broad range of our conveyor systems have been introduced such as the pendulum type, the flexible type (E-DIP®), and conveyor systems for bumpers.

E-DIP®(Paint System for Pretreatment & Electrodepositing Lines)

Environment and Quality Support System for Pretreatment and Electrodepositing Lines in Auto Painting Facilities

Reducing the line length
  • Shortening the system length by changing the degree of steepness at which an item enters and exits the tank
  • Saving space by eliminating the escape line
Reduction of processes
Space saving
Minimizing liquids removed and air pockets
  • Reducing the liquids removed through the flexible setting of the in/out and the rotation angles in the tank for each car model (8L/body 5L/body)
  • Enhancing rust prevention by minimizing air pockets
Reduction of waste liquids
Reduction of used chemicals
Improvement of quality
Providing faster treatment
  • Reducing the treatment time through model-specific process paths, process selections between showering and dipping, and variable-pitch transport
  • Reducing the treating time with a variable-pitch transport that has been unavailable with traditional systems
Reduction of processes
Improvement of quality
Preventing defectives due to grit and dust
  • Removing conveyor rails from over the tank to prevent defectives due to grit and dust falling from the rails
Improvement of quality
Reducing the overall initial and running costs of a system Energy-saving
Resource saving

The No. 1 unit has been introduced in Mitsubishi Motors.

  • Watch a video that demonstrates how E-DIP® operates.


J-Jump is a conveyor system with a combined movement. While the first auto body is immersed in the first tank, separate treatment of the second auto body can begin in the second tank beyond the first auto body. J-Jump can also be processed in two different cycle times on the same line. When capacity enhancement is planned as the second phase in new plant planning, J-Jump can reduce both of the amount of investment in the second phase and the time required to modify the line.
● J-Jump 4C : J-Jump 4C is the quadruple-column version of the J-Jump system and suitable for treatment of heavy auto bodies.
● J-Jump 2C / 1C : J-Jump 2C and 1C are the double-column and single-column versions of the J-Jump system and provided with additional functions, such as auto body rotation, which the quadruple-column version does not have.



J-Max is another single-column version of the J-Jump system and different from J-Jump 1C in that it can exert the features of the J-Jump Series even in cases where the number of electrodeposition tanks needs to be one.


Lean Dip

Lean Dip is the rotary type conveyor system that can contribute to the improvement of paint finishing quality and the reduction of the process length and the running cost in the pre-treatment and electrodeposition processes. Adopting a unique operation mechanism, this system is characterized by a considerably simplified structure and control system, which help achieve extremely easy daily line control and equipment maintenance. In addition, this Lean Dip Series offers “Lean Dip HP“, which is available for production lines with relatively large production volumes, and can meet a wide spectrum of customer needs and requests.

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