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Technical Research Facilities

Leveraging our vast expertise in cleanroom technologies for the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, we provide the optimal space for your research needs that utilize environmental measures such as energy and resource saving mechanisms.

Technical Research Facilities:Our technology & service

Energy Solutions

We develop energy-saving designs, ESCO business, BEMS, from the viewpoint that there should be a reduction in the environmental load and energy costs.

Medical Chemical Manufacturing System

Our solutions cover decontamination systems suitable for medical chemical manufacturing rooms, fast construction, validation support and more.

Cleanroom Technologies

We provide a cleanroom and its ancillary facilities, production management support, and environmental load reduction technologies.

Eco-Rac® (Heat Recovery System with No Cross-contamination)

This technology recovers waste heat from exhaust gases.


Our renewal solutions for your facilities provide increased asset value and reduced operation/maintenance costs as well as lower light, fuel, and water expenses.

Silencer System

Since importing a silencing technology in 1986, we have developed numerous silencing technologies.

Aquavent · mark II (Prevention of Air Lock, Noise, and Corrosion)

Resolves air lock, noises, and vibrations due to air in piping.

Sock Chilling System (Cloth Filter)

This system creates uniform indoor airflows by passing the air through a cloth filter.

VOC Treatment & Odor Control System

With our regenerative thermal oxidizer (rotary RTO), we offer solutions for VOC treatments and deodorization in paint processes.

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