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Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Food Industries

We provide total engineering solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food industries.
Our Engineering on Demand services address your needs on time, in just quantity, and anywhere you want.

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Food Industries:Our technology & service

Medical Chemical Manufacturing System

Our solutions cover decontamination systems suitable for medical chemical manufacturing rooms, fast construction, validation support and more.

Hyper DRY DECO (Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Decontamination System)

It is a safe system that allows decontamination with hydrogen peroxide at low concentrations, which has greater safety for operators than formaldehyde.

mobby(Mobile Hydrogen Peroxide-based Decontamination System)

This compact and easy-to-carry system provides greater safety for operators during decontamination with hydrogen peroxide.

VOC Treatment & Odor Control System

We offer a wide variety of environmental protection systems, including various exhaust gas treatment and dust collection facilities and wastewater treatment systems.

Energy Solutions

We develop energy-saving designs, ESCO business, BEMS, from the viewpoint that there should be a reduction in the environmental load and energy costs.

Global Solutions

With our network covering nearly 20 countries and regions and our uniform quality management system, we support your overseas operations.

Sock Chilling System (Cloth Filter)

This system creates uniform indoor airflows by passing the air through a cloth filter.


support the sustainable supply of safe vegetables with high quality.

Uniform Management System

We are fully prepared to provide the high quality of design and construction for customers who are operating their factories, globally.

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