Development of a Comfortable Work Environment

Basic Policy on Human Rights

For Taikisha, respect for human rights is one of the top priorities as a company operating globally. In line with this policy, the Taikisha Ltd. Code of Conduct stipulates respect for basic human rights and says Taikisha shall not engage in behavior that would undermine individual dignity, such as discriminatory treatment and harassment. Taikisha respects international codes, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Taikisha endeavors to conduct business activities with consideration to human rights of all stakeholders, including employees and business partners.

Taikisha makes its policy regarding human rights known to all employees. In addition, it makes efforts to grasp conduct that goes against respect for human rights through internal audits and the whistleblowing hotline, and promptly takes appropriate responses.

Taikisha Group’s Human Rights Policy, which applies to all officers and employees (all employees engaged in the Taikisha Group’s business operations, including contract employees, temporary employees, employees on loan, etc.) of the Taikisha Group, was established in May 2024.

Corporate Culture Committee

The Corporate Culture Committee was set up in 1975 as an organization directly reports to the president with the aim of creating an organizational culture that provides material and spiritual job satisfaction based on the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation among all employees.
Various employees from different departments and sections participate in this committee in each area, and they research, discuss, and propose operational improvements or organizational revisions in cooperation with related departments. Also, they host recreational events, culture and sports club activities and employee gatherings, and participate in social events and volunteer activities.
Taikisha encourages these activities based on employees' thoughts and give budgetary support.
Taikisha is proactive in incorporating ideas and thoughts from employees; for example, a planning section asks for opinion from the committee when important changes are made in the schemes related to employment treatment, such as labor regulations, etc.
Taikisha doesn't have a labor union, so the chairman of the committee undertakes a role as a representative of the majority of employees during a labor-management consultation.

Harassment Prevention

Taikisha has a specialized consultation counter for workplace harassment (i.e.,sexual, maternity,power and other types of harassment) at the Administrative Management Headquarteres.
Consulters are protected under Taikisha’s Harrasment Preventation Rules, and as soon as consultation is received, a prompt response is taken to resolve the issue.
As part of our efforts to prevent harassment, Taikisha has created a video based on the reports received at the Whistleblowing Contact Window to raise awareness of the importance of recognizing behavior that can be harassment, consulting and reporting. In training, Taikisha also engages in enlightenment activities to make its employees aware of the need for dialogue, the significance of prevention and resolution of issues, etc.

Basic Policy for Achievement of Diversity

For corporations, making efforts for diversity and inclusion has become more important. In April 2023, we established the Diversity & Inclusion Promotion Section, aiming for diversity management that is unique to us, utilizing the individuality and identity of our employees, such as their work experience, skills, and values, on top of their gender, age, nationality, and disabilities.

Taikisha’s overseas affiliates have about 3,500 employees of various nationalities, while its domestic organization also has 19 foreign employees from seven countries including China and South Korea as of April 1, 2023. In the recruitment of new graduates in April 2023, 75 newly hired employees included seven female employees and three foreign employees. Taikisha will continue to engage in hiring activities independent of attributes.

For the employment of persons with disability, Taikisha has been working on remote employment in collaboration with an Operator of a Designated Welfare Service Business for Persons with Disabilities in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, in addition to employment at our main offices in Japan. Persons with disability are hired by Taikisha directly and provided with a workplace and support by the Operator, realizing an environment in which they can work with peace of mind. Taikisha believes that its initiatives for diversity and inclusion help secure superior human resources and increase its employees’ motivation to work.

Promoting Women's Career Advancement

As part of Taikisha’s efforts for promoting diversity and inclusion at the workplace, Taikisha is working hard for career advancement for its female employees.
Taikisha revised its action plan for general employers under the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace in April 2022. Taikisha has set a target for the ratio of female workers in managerial positions to at 3% or more, using the average value in the construction industry in 2021 as a benchmark, and has achieved 3.3% as of April 2023.
In the future, we will actively recruit and train women, and work to create an environment in which all employees can play an active role and fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities, in order to create an attractive company for employees.

Promoting Empowerment and "Equal Pay for Equal Work" for Non-Regular Employees

Employees may retire at the end of a business year after the age of 60, or choose to continue working until the age of 65 using Re-Employment System for Retired Employees. Taikisha provides an opportunity for those rehired employees to keep making a great contribution to the Company by offering the system that they can select the level of their job responsibilities and wages depending on their motivation and abilities based on the result of past performance evaluation.
In terms of "Equal Pay for Equal Work", Taikisha provides the same level of employee benefit program for re-employed retired employees and contract employees as regular employees.

Global Human Resources System

In overseas markets, to balance economic development with environmental conservation and to maintain and develop sustainable societies, we will see globalization, in which innovative technologies are rapidly disseminated, and localization, in which local capital with its own unique characteristics leads the way in various countries.

Under such circumstances, to respond to the increasingly sophisticated global needs of each industry and to the specific needs of each country and region, Taikisha will further enhance the efficiency of organizational management and governance by defining the functions and roles of its group companies located in 17 countries overseas, as well as by ensuring prompt and accurate decision-making.

Taikisha will reform its organizational functions to utilize its human resources in a cross-functional and flexible manner. This will enable its human resources to demonstrate their financial, sales, and procurement capabilities, as well as to improve their engineering skills such as development, design, and project management of environmental technologies developed in the fields of medical, food, electronics, transportation, and infrastructure facilities, among others.

Furthermore, beside hiring local employees, Taikisha will also review the roles and abilities required for employees who want to work overseas, and focus on enlightenment and training activities to enhance the motivation and abilities of each individual.

Supporting a Work-Life Balance

In order for our employees to work and live actively, we believe in the need for full welfare systems that can be used according to employees' lifestyle patterns and in maintaining an economic base even when the unexpected occurs, to provide an environment allowing stable lifestyles.

Various Leave Schemes
With support for childcare and nursing of family members, our leave schemes, such as 10-year paid leave, hourly paid leave, childcare and nursing leave, offer more than the legally mandated leave systems, allowing employees to adopt various working styles or take leave when unexpected situation occurs. This helps our employees and their families to maintain a healthier work-life balance.
Compensation System for Loss of Earnings
In October 2019, Taikisha adopted a Group Long Term Disability (GLTD) insurance scheme.
This scheme is adopted in the aim of providing secured life for employees and their families without losing income in the case of incapacity of work.
Full-time employees under the age of 60 who take long-term leave to undergo medical treatment are compensated with the 80% of the standard monthly remuneration. The Company is responsible for all insurance costs and supports employees' early reinstatement to work by developing an environment in which employees can concentrate on their recovery while securing income similar to the level of salary when they were working.