Promotion of Health Management

Health Management Declaration

Taikisha formulated corporate philosophy, "Establish a company which can continuously grow and contribute to the society" and "Establish an attractive company" for the purpose of corporate management in 1970, together with our mission statement, "Customers First".

By continuously taking various effective health measures, we maintain the physical and mental health of each employee and ensure their enthusiasm to heighten their individual creativity and activity. This enables us to maintain and further the overall activity of our corporate organization, achieving our corporate philosophy of "Establish a company which can continuously grow and contribute to the society" and "Establish an attractive company" for employees and their families.

Koji Kato

Employee Health Promotion Structure

The President serves as the person in charge of health management, and the Director, Managing Corporate Officer, Chief Executive of Administrative Management Headquarters is appointed as the person in charge of promoting health measures. The Corporate Personnel Division has central functions to promote health management measures. It plans and implements various health measures for employees, verifies the results of these measures, and constantly works to better them. It does this together with the chief medical doctor, regional medical doctors, health nurses, regional health committees, the Taikisha Group Health Insurance Association, and Organizational Culture Improvement Committee.

Chief Medical Doctor

The chief medical doctor conducts collaborative activities and unifies functions companywide for regional medical doctors working seamlessly with the regional health committees. The chief medical doctor pinpoints characteristic health issues of our employees that arise from the nature of our business type and their working patterns. Then, from a medical standpoint, the chief medical doctor offers suggestions that help solve those issues to company management and the functional departments involved in undertaking health measures inside the Company, and conducts regular monitoring.

Health Committees

Taikisha has established health and safety committees at our seven nationwide bases including the headquarters. The committees prepare and implement basic measures and plans to maintain and further improve the health of employees. They are run independently from the safety committees, which are mainly consulted for onsite safety.

With a director and managing corporate officer serving as the chairman at the headquarters, the committees have formulated policy to maintain and further improve the health of employees. In collaboration with the chief medical doctor stationed in our headquarters, the committees make proposals on the health management of employees in general, including such policies and disease prevention, from a companywide medical standpoint. The health committees meet once a month in each region, with medical doctors talking about timely issues and subjects and encouraging employees to take medical checkups, including second ones. The regional medical doctors provide health consultations directly to employees with poor physical or mental conditions, or those who have overworked themselves, as well as promoting medical and special health guidance to those requiring it as a result of their medical checkups.

Group Health Insurance Association

An independent health insurance association was established in 2014 for employees including members of our three group subsidiaries and family members or dependents covered by insurance.
This health insurance association has full-time health nurses who work with outside medical institutions and medical service providers in coordination with the Administrative Management Headquarters and Personnel Administration Dept. They conduct health surveys to maintain and further improve the physical and mental health of family members, then analyze the data to suggest various health measures. Specifically, they implement health measures such as health checkups, special health guidance, health consultations, and activities to prevent lifestyle-related diseases (smoking cessation outpatient services, encouraging blood pressure measurement, and health index monitoring using wearable devices).

Corporate Culture Committee

Members of the Corporate Culture Committee act as employee representatives belonging to each region, collecting various opinions and information regarding workplace environments and conditions at branch offices, then provide suggestions to the regional health committees.

Key Measures to Improve the Physical and Mental Health of Employees

Taikisha focuses on characteristic health issues of our employees that arise from the nature of our business type and their working patterns, and takes special measures especially to help solve these issues.
The following are four health issues for maintaining and further improving the sound physical and mental health of our employees. We are engaged in ongoing health promotion activities, formulating specific measures to prevent and solve these issues, setting effective metrics for them, and measuring their cost-effectiveness.

  1. Measures for long working hours
  2. Improving lifestyle habits
  3. Improving mental health
  4. Supporting a work-life balance

Measures for Long Working Hours

Overwork is a major medical cause of complaints of physical and mental health. Taikisha must take action to improve this situation.

Objectives The construction industry is legally required to limit overtime work to 45 hours a week by FY2024. We aim to reduce long working hours by achieving this as one of our goals.
Long Working Hours Prevention Meeting
Taikisha sees taking measures for long working hours as one of the most important issues to address as part of work-style reforms.
This meeting was established in 2017 as a department of the Administrative Management Headquarters responsible for promoting these measures groupwide, with the Representative Director, Executive Vice President as its chairperson. Executives of the business divisions serve as meeting members to formulate measures, implement them, and verify the results.
Establishing and Expanding the Field Support Office
Construction management has different levels of busyness during the long-term construction period. Apportioning tasks during busy times and systematically assigning additional personnel to provide support helps prevent overtaxing of particular employees. Setting up the Field Support Office to pool engineering and clerical employees allows us to flexibly support sites that are expected to become busy. This is showing results in leveling the burden of work.
Improving Productivity by Leveraging IoT Tools
By using BIM and VR technology, for example, to promote integrated operations laterally from design to construction, we are actively adopting constantly evolving viewing, communications, and analytical technologies to reduce working hours on construction sites and make work more effective, with the aim of lowering the burden on our employees.
Using an Interval System
In April 2019, Taikisha introduced an interval system, which sets an eight-hour interval from the close of business to ensure that employees who worked long hours will have time to rest.
Adopting and Expanding Telework Systems
We adopted a telework system in April 2020 and are steadily promoting its use.
Taikisha has long worked on spreading the use of mobile work. This new system was established with rules for working from home as a satellite office. We set out working rules primarily focusing on maintaining working environments and information management for our employees. The system will continue to be improved to ensure an effective working environment.

Improving Lifestyle Habits

Metabolic syndrome, which is caused by poor lifestyle habits, is a cause of serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and brain disease. We hope to improve this situation.

Improving the Percentage of People Receiving Special Health Guidance
Rather than simply encouraging people to get checkups, we take measures to match personal circumstances, understanding the situation and thinking of people who require observation who should receive special health guidance, with the aim of raising the percentage one by one.
Blood Pressure Management
By providing blood pressure monitors and guidance on taking blood pressure to our main business offices, we aim to determine the health of our employees and to improve their health awareness.
Promoting Smoking Cessation
We help smokers who want to quit by offering smoking cessation outpatient services and covering the associated costs.
Support to Encourage Exercise
Since September 2020, we have started the trial adoption of health measures using wearable devices to provide health guidance relating to overall health, such as encouraging exercise, maintaining blood pressure, sleeping and water intake. In the future, we will put this program into full-scale operation to improve the daily lifestyle habits of those requiring support to lower the risk of lifestyle-related diseases.
Distribution of Vegetables Grown in Our Plant Factories
We regularly supply our employees with germ and chemical free leaf vegetable grown in our own plant factories using only artificial lights. This helps deepen understanding of this business and improve health awareness from food.

Goals for Health Promotion of Employees

Annual health checkups participation rate 100%
Thorough check up rate 40%
Proper weight maintenance rate 60%

Employees' Health Condition

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FY2018 FY2019 Goal for FY2020
Annual health checkups participation rate 99.6% 100% 100%
Thorough check up rate - 13.3% 40.0%
Proper weight maintenance rate 57.8% 57.2% 60.0%
Smoking rate 31.6% 31.3% 30.0%
Regular exercise engagement rate 18.4% 20.8% 22.0%
Enough sleep and rest rate 54.7% 54.1% 55.0%
Healthy diet (Breakfast eating rate) - 65% 70%
Blood pressure risk rate (140mmHg≧,90nnHg≧) 16.4% 15.3% 14%
Diabetes risk rate (200mg/dl≧) 1.3% 0.6% 0.5%
Annual medical costs per person 153,656円 135,021円 130,000円

Improving Mental Health

If a person has poor mental health, it may be difficult to do normal work tasks and also may greatly affect the person's life. We are responsible for finding an employee showing signs of such disturbance early in order to correct the working environment and solve the interpersonal relationship. We take steps to prevent mental health disorders at each of the following stages.

Prevention 1: Activities to protect the employees from mentally unwell conditions.
Internal training, etc. to raise awareness of the employees.
Prevention 2: Measures to find problems at an early stage and take prompt and appropriate actions.
Appropriate advice and instructions are given upon consultation or communication with the supervisors or the division leader of the person who is unwell. If needed, consultation is available for the employee.
Prevention 3: Measures to precisely learn and manage symptoms in order to prevent them from becoming worse.
If an employee becomes unwell, the Personnel Administration Department at the Administrative Management Headquarters immediately responds, follows up and provides support until the employee can return to his/her work.

Taikisha has set up the Taikisha Group Health Insurance Association and opened an online physical and mental health counseling service called Health Counseling Dial 24, through which it provides speedy and appropriate support to help employees and their family members eliminate any concerns and worries about physical and mental health. This is done through counseling given by specialized counseling staff who are experienced doctors, health nurses, nurses, registered dietitians, etc., 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Concurrently with the introduction of the stress check system in accordance with the revised Industrial Health and Safety Act, Taikisha has established a mechanism that can provide employees with the opportunity to monitor their mental state and cope with stresses and support employees in doing so.

The Result of Mental Health Care Activity

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Item FY2018 FY2019 Goal for FY2020
Stress check examination rate 96.7% 97.2% 98%
High-stress employee rate 6.1% 5.7% 5.5%

Productivity Losses through Absenteeism

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Item FY2018 FY2019 Goal for FY2020
Productivity losses through absenteeism 0.28% 0.33% 0.3%
Employee satisfaction level 46点 45点 47点
Number of employees who leave the Company due to disease per year 3人 1人 0人

Supporting a Work-life Balance

We try to improve the physical and mental health of employees and their families, and take care to prevent illnesses or to achieve a quick recovery through employment and health consultation, and introduction to medical institutions.
We encourage our employees to use our leave programs and flexible work systems to maintain physical and mental health and achieve quick recovery for those suffering from problems.

Status of Use of Support System and Paid Leave

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Item FY2018 FY2019
Number of employees on maternity leave 3 4
Number of employees on childcare leave 4 10
Ratio of employees who returned to work after childcare leave (%) 100 100
Retention rate 12 months after returning to work (%) 100 100
Number of employees who are using the short-working-hours system 23 21
Average paid leave taken by all employees (days) 9.1 10.3