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Involvement with employees

Basic Policy on Human Rights

For Taikisha, respect for human rights is one of the top priorities as a company operating globally. In line with this policy, the Taikisha Ltd. Code of Conduct stipulates respect for basic human rights and says Taikisha shall not engage in behavior that would undermine individual dignity, such as discriminatory treatment and harassment. Taikisha respects international legal norms, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Taikisha endeavors to conduct business activities with consideration to human rights of all stakeholders, including employees and business partners.
Taikisha makes its policy regarding human rights known to all employees. In addition, it makes efforts to grasp conduct that goes against human rights through internal audits and the whistle-blowing hotline, and promptly takes appropriate responses.

Basic Policy for Human Resource Development

Taikisha is an engineering company, and its best asset is its human resources. Human resource development and education is positioned as one of the most important management challenges.
There is a lineup of training schemes available in Taikisha to enhance its members’ skills in managing projects and teams and communicating with customers, business partners, supervisors, colleagues and subordinates in addition to improving the expertise of individual employees. Training programs continue to be improved so that they can help employees acquire the knowledge and skills they think they need, thereby providing target-oriented education.
With the aim of developing self-motivated human resources, Taikisha provides education to accelerate the development of professionals and leaders.

Human Development Vision

1. Develop human resources with high morals.
・They conduct fair and just business activities using global perspectives while observing the norms of society, regulations and laws, and rules.
2. Develop human resources who are capable of achieving goals and realizing the visions of organizations and individuals through their work.
・They are highly creative.
・They are cooperative and logical through their actions that are made based on mutual trust in principle.
3.  Develop human resources who flexibly respond to market changes.
・They are able to handle operations on a global scale.
・They are able to strive for business expansion.

Education and Training Schemes

Education and Training Schemes

Promoting Career Advancement of the Overseas Local Staff

Taikisha is promoting a Global Human Resource System to advance the careers of overseas local staff and planning transfers of staff between countries in the future.
This system defines the roles expected of employees to realize the Corporate Philosophy and enables just and fair evaluations and the appropriate level of compensation that reflects such evaluations. The Global Human Resource System has started introduction since FY2014, and is already operational in India and Indonesia. In Thailand and Vietnam, briefings for employees and other last-minute preparation are being made for roll-out in FY2019.
The system will be spread to other countries thereafter.

Corporate Culture Committee

The Corporate Culture Committee was set up in 1975 with the aim of creating an organizational culture that provides material and spiritual job satisfaction based on the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation among all employees. In this committee, the employees broadly exchange opinions about operational improvements or organizational revisions while researching, discussing, and planning in cooperation with related divisions. In addition, it acts as a labor representative in labor and management discussions. It can voice its opinions to a corresponding planning division if any important changes are made in the schemes related to employment treatment, such as labor regulations and others.

Just and Fair Assessment

Taikisha’s personnel assessment is conducted based on the philosophies of fair and transparent operations.
In the performance evaluation, employees are assessed based on their abilities, motivation and conduct required for each employee and the degree of contribution to business performance. The results are given to employees as feedback, and this is expected to lead to enhanced human resource development. The evaluation of skills, which is one area of ability evaluation, is based on a clear and transparent definition of skills according to the grade and type of job.
At the beginning of the fiscal year, members and their supervisors are engaged in target setting through communication at meetings and other occasions. In addition, members conduct a monthly dialogue with their supervisors with the focus on the monthly PDCA cycle for the achievement of targets.
In performing evaluations, Taikisha gives consideration to the abilities of individual employees as well as their performance results to lead to increased motivation of employees, and gives importance to stimulating employees’ motivation and pride. In addition, evaluation meetings are attended by members of the Personnel Administration Dept. to ensure their fairness.

Basic Policy for Improvement of the Work-Life Balance

Taikisha considers that work supports our living base and provides inspiration and joy to our lives. But at the same time, time spent with family and friends and on hobbies is essential in our lives as well. When there is a good balance between them, the inspirations and joys are doubled and our lives are satisfying. A balance between work and life ensures, develops, and radicates high-level human resources that is the driving force and competitive power of Taikisha.

Harassment Prevention

Taikisha has a specialized consultation counter for maternity (pregnancy, childbirth and childcare leave, etc.) and sexual harassment while other types of harassment are handled through internal and external reporting counters.
The informer is protected by Taikisha’s Whistleblowing Rules and other similar rules. As soon as a matter is reported for consultation, Taikisha takes quick actions to resolve it. Taikisha offers enlightenment activities to make people aware of the need for countermeasures and the significance of preventing and resolving issues.

Basic Policy for Achievement of Diversity

For organizations and corporations, making efforts for diversity has become more important in recent years.
Taikisha has various types of human resources with different characters in varying race or gender. Sharing diverse perspectives and values helps an organization to respond to changing environments and needs while creating an attractive and comfortable work environment.
Taikisha considers that its approaches to diversity bring out enhanced human resources and increase their motivation for work.

Promoting Women’s Career Advancement

As part of Taikisha’s efforts for promoting diversity at the workplace, Taikisha is working hard for career advancement for its female employees. Taikisha believes all employees must be allowed to fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities to make Taikisha an attractive company.
Therefore, Taikisha will strive to further enhance training programs for higher skills and systems in order to create a better working environment for female employees and step up support for women’s career advancement.

Physical and Mental Health of Employees

Taikisha has set up the Taikisha Group Health Insurance Association. Health Counseling Dial 24, an online physical and mental health counseling service made available by the Health Insurance Association, provides speedy and appropriate support to help employees and their family members eliminate any concerns and worries about physical and mental health. This is done through counseling given by specialized counseling staff, who are experienced health nurses, nurses, registered dietitians, or doctors, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Concurrently with the introduction of the stress check system in accordance with the revised Industrial Health and Safety Act, Taikisha has established a setting for employees to monitor their mental state and cope with stresses. Taikisha will work to create a pleasant working environment based on the results of group analysis.

Mental Health Support

Prevention 1: Activities to protect the employees from mentally unwell conditions.
・ Internal training to raise awareness of the employees.
Prevention 2: Measures to find problems at an early stage and take prompt and suitable actions.
・Suitable advice and instructions are given upon consultation or communication with the supervisors or the division leader of the person who is unwell. If needed, consultation is available for the employee.
Prevention 3: Measures to precisely learn and manage symptoms in order to prevent them from becoming worse.
・The Personnel Administration Department at the Administrative Management Headquarters immediately responds and provides support until the employee can return to his/her work.

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