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Social Contributions

Basic Policy

Under the Taikisha Management Vision, Taikisha positions the community and society as important stakeholders and proactively promotes activities to respect culture and customs as well as contribute to their development in addition to participation in community and social contribution activities.
Taikisha is conducting various activities toward resolution of issues faced by communities and society and their development as a member of society (corporate citizen) that builds a favorable relationship with communities and society and coexists harmoniously with society.

Social Contributions

  • Support for the NPO Environmental Veterans Firm
    As part of its social contribution efforts for environmental preservation, Taikisha started offering support in 2017 to the Environmental Veterans Firm (EVF), a nonprofit organization with the aim of supporting sustainable development by “custom-made” environmental energy-system designed for the local area.
    The EVF is a group of senior scientists and engineers who have been involved in environmental technologies. Capitalizing on the expertise of such members, it proposes ideas to solve environmental issues addressed by various organizations in Japan and abroad.
    Going forward, Taikisha will step up its support by developing joint businesses with the EVF.

The EVF restores abandoned bicycles as dynamo-attached bicycles and donates them to areas without electricity in Africa with the cooperation of local governments. (Photo courtesy of JOICFP)

Additional activities include:

・Donation to the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund
・Donation to the Guide Dogs Training System of Japan Guide Dog Association
・Cooperation in Shinrai Shihon Zaidan’s “Arigato-hon” (book donation) activities
・Collection of used stamps, unwanted mobile phones, Bell-Marks, foreign coins, used clothes, etc.
・Collection of unused items (stamps, prepaid telephone cards, gift vouchers, prepaid book vouchers)
・Blood donation, etc.

Community Contribution Activities

  • Participation in the 14th Shinjuku Year-End Cleaning Campaign
    On December 15, 2017, about 20 employees of Taikisha participated in the 14th Shinjuku Year-End Cleaning Campaign hosted by Shinjuku Ward to clean the Shinjuku Station west exit area.

Other activities of business offices in Japan:

・Tokyo Head Office: Participation in “Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling) Campaign 2017” in Shinjuku
・Osaka Branch Office: Regular cleaning activities around the Hirakata Factory
・Tohoku Branch Office: Participation in “Hirosegawa River 10,000 People Project” (general cleanup of the Hirosegawa River basin)
・Chubu Branch Office: Support for reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Initiatives in Overseas Business Offices

  • GEICO’s Youth Employment Support Project
    Italy’s Geico S.p.A. launched the J-NEXT Project in 2011 to help the local youth get employed by hiring young graduate engineers and offering them professional and personal growth paths in Geico. To broaden the scope, Pardis Foundation was set up in 2014 and gave birth to Gate Bridge Project, an initiative to help high-school and university graduates aged 18 to 30 find jobs at other companies in the local territory.
    The goal for both projects was to provide 100 young people with employment opportunities by 2020, but this was achieved in 2017 — three years ahead of schedule.

Other activities of overseas business offices:

・Cultivation of Crops on the Premises of Taikisha Engineering India Ltd.
・Cleaning Activity in Japanese Cemetery Park of Taikisha (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
・Participation by Geico S.p.A. in Treedom’s Reforestation Project

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