Environmental Management Vision

We strive to improve environmental values for our customers and to protect global environment using Taikisha's solution technologies as a company engaged in business related to the environment.

Improving Environmental Management

  • Actively engage in finding solutions for social issues related to the global environment by accurate understanding social trends changing day to day.
  • Continuously apply environmental management system and reduce environmental risks.
  • Actively disclose environmental information to the public while improving environmental education and awareness in our offices.

Promoting Environmental Business

  • Promote energy management in life cycles and reduce CO2 emissions during the operation of systems we supply.
  • Develop technologies for exhaust gas and effluent treatment and contribute to the prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Promote R&D of new eco-friendly technologies and products.

Developing Environmental Conservation Activities

  • Check and minimize energy consumption in our offices and laboratories.
  • Implement thorough measures regarding the surroundings, construction by-products and harmful materials at our workplaces.
  • Promote green procurement.

person in charge of Sustainability Promotion
Director, Executive Corporate Officer
Masanori Nakagawa
(Stipulated in April 2010)