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Environmentally Conscious Technologies

Energy-saving Engineering

Taikisha quantifies the amount of CO2 generated from manufacturing processes in our energy-saving engineering.
In addition, the planning of energy-saving projects is promoted by the Design Department.

ESCO (Energy Service Company) and Energy Conservation Projects

Taikisha positions ESCO (Energy Service Company) and BEMS (Building Energy Management System) as solutions for the reconstruction market, and develops such solutions in order to contribute to CO2reduction.

Technological Development for Reducing Our Impact on the Environment

Taikisha has worked on the development of VOC (volatile organic compounds) treatment systems and malodor control technologies for over 40 years. In particular, we contribute to the reduction of our impact on the environment by commercializing combined adsorptive concentrators (activated carbon fiber, zeolite, and other substances) and combustion systems including catalytic combustion, direct combustion, and regenerative combustion systems.

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