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Environmental Management System

Current Environment Management System Status

The directors responsible for environmental issues consistently take the initiative to improve environmental management systems at Taikisha.
The Environmental Protection Committee led by those directors gives directions for the planning and execution of action plans, and the Environmental Enhancement Committee plays a role in improving, operating, and managing specific daily activities.
We distribute Taikisha's environmental policy, which is based on the ISO-14001 standard, to our clients and request their full cooperation in observing the policy.

ISO14001 Certification Obtained

Green Technology System Division

Head Office / Tohoku Branch Office / Tokyo Branch Office / Chubu Branch Office / Osaka Branch Office / Kyushu Branch Office

Certifying Organization ANAB (USA)
Inspecting organization ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. (USA)
Certificate number 34886

Paint Finishing System Division

Head Office / East Japan Head Office / Nagoya Office / Osaka Office / Automatic office

Certifying Organization JAB(Japan), UKAS (UK), ANAB (USA)
Inspecting organization Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. (USA)
Certificate number C2005-02718

Taikisha Group’s Status of Acquisition of ISO Certification

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