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Environmental Management Policy

Green Technology System Division

Basic philosophy

The Green Technology System Division strives to improve environmental values (contribution to environment) for its customers and to protect global environment using Taikisha’s solution technologies as a company engaged in business related to the environment.

Action guidelines

1. Improving environmental management

  1. (1)Continuously apply environmental management system,identify environmental risks and opportunities * and promote continuous improvements.
  2. (2)Work to visualize the achievements of activities, and raise the environmental awareness and morale of all employees.
  3. (3)Set environmental goals that enable us to make a contribution to society through business activities, and push forward with activities toward these environmental goals.

2. Promoting environmental businesses

  1. (1)Promote energy management in life cycles and reduce CO2 emissions during the operation of systems TaiknumberList01isha supplies.
  2. (2)Promote the introduction of our exhaust gas treatment technology (VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) treatment technology), and reduce the environmental burden caused by exhaust gas.
  3. (3)Promote R&D of new eco-friendly technologies and products.

3. Developing environmental conservation activities

  1. (1)Implement thorough measures regarding the surroundings, construction by-products and harmful materials as its workplaces.
  2. (2)Implement thorough activities intended to save energy and reduce environmental impacts in our offices and workplaces.
  3. (3)Promote green procurement in purchasing machinery, materials, and office supplies.

* Risks: undesirable effects (prevention or mitigation) / Opportunities: desirable impact (increase)

Yasushi Nakajima, Chief General Manager
Green Technology System Division, Taikisha Ltd.
April 1, 2020

Paint Finishing System Division

Basic philosophy

The Paint Finishing System Division, as a business unit engaged in a paint finishing system business, makes a contribution to the maintenance and improvement of the global environment. It does so through system design and technology development that places the highest priority on environmental conservation.

Action guidelines

  1. 1.Accurately keep track of and evaluate the effect of our business activities on the environment.
  2. 2.At the design stage of paint finishing system, develop preventing technologies for air and water quality contamination caused by paint finishing system, systems for saving energy and reducing materials and waste, and recycling technologies, and propose these technologies to customers to encourage their active adoption of them.
  3. 3.Endeavor to promote recycling in daily activities in offices.
  4. 4.Clarify and strictly observe environment-related laws and regulations, autonomous control standards, and other requirements agreed upon by the organization.
  5. 5.Conduct internal environmental audits and management reviews to achieve a continual improvement in the environmental management system and endeavor to prevent environmental contamination.
  6. 6.Raise the awareness of all members of the division through environmental education and public relations activities within the division, and explain details of these activities to stakeholders, including customers, as needed.

Kazuhide Hayakawa, Chief General Manager
Paint Finishing System Division, Taikisha Ltd.
April 1, 2020

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