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The Measure for Environment

Taikisha Group has decided to make the utmost effort to address critical global issues and global environmental conservation, has formulated its own environmental policy, and promotes a wide variety of environmental control activities.

Environmental Management Vision

We expend all of our energy to meet the needs of the time, and strive for the establishment of an environmentally-compatible society based on the spirit of "Customers First" mission statement.

Environmental Management System

We continuously operate the environmental management system to raise awareness of the environment and reduce environmental risks.

Environmental Management Policy

We introduce Environmental Management Policy.

Accounting for greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions

We work on reducing GHG emissions in the entire supply chain.

Environmental Accounting

We calculate the cost and economic effects of environmental protection.

Environmentally Conscious Technologies

We implement activities such as energy-saving engineering, ESCO (Energy Service Company) and energy conservation projects, and technological development to reduce our impact on the environment based on our environmental policy.

Environment Conservation Activities

We conduct various environment conservation activities to prevent and manage industrial wastes.

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