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Dividends and Distribution of Profits

Basic Policy Regarding Distribution of Profits and Dividends of This Period

The Company considers the return of earnings to shareholders as one of the most important measure, and the Company has the target for consolidated dividend payout ratio to be 35% and stable dividend payment.
Cash dividends per share for March 2019 is expected to be 100 yen.

Annual dividend per share (yen)

Annual dividend per share [XLS/11KB]

(※1) Detail of Dividends as March 31,2008:Ordinary dividend 15 yen, 95th anniversary commemorative dividend 5 yen
(※2) Detail of Dividends as March 31,2013:Ordinary dividend 30 yen, 100th anniversary commemorative dividend 5 yen

Changes in Consolidated Net Income and Dividends

Complimentary programs for shareholders

We do not offer complimentary programs for shareholders. As our basic policy, we distribute profits via dividends to our shareholders.

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