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To Individual Shareholders and Investors

The information presented here is designed to help you understand Taikisha better.


A time-honored company that had been in business for 100 years
Taikisha was founded in Tokyo in 1913 as Kenzaisha Ltd., an affiliated company of L. Leybold Co., an importer of German machinery. At the time of its founding, the Company's main business was importing heating systems, elevators, construction materials and other products from Germany and installing them. Taikisha marked the 100th anniversary in April 10, 2013.
An environmental engineering company that develops on a worldwide
Taikisha is engaged in its two business pillars of "Green Technology system (Building HVAC, Industrial HVAC)" and "Paint Finishing System" as an environmental engineering company that currently holds 35 consolidated overseas subsidiaries (As of March 31,2019).

Details of TAIKISHA's businesses

Green Technology System Business

Building HVAC

Taikisha designs and constructs HVAC for a wide range of buildings, including office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, museums and airport terminals in order to create comfortable environments for people.

Industrial HVAC

Taikisha designs and constructs HVAC, including cleanrooms, which are suitable for production facilities in manufacturing plants and research facilities that require an ultraclean environment throughout the production process. We also focus on ecological facilities, including pollution prevention equipment.

Paint Finishing System Business

Paint Finishing System

Taikisha designs and constructs large scale paint finishing plants for automobile manufacturers both in Japan and abroad, including U.S., Europe, Korea, China and India.
Our paint finishing plant for automobiles, which blends energy-saving technologies with advanced functions for pollution prevention, boasts top-class worldwide sales.

Value Creation Process

We disclose our Value Creation Process.

TAIKISHA's Advantages

Taikisha's advantages lie in the following three business fields: Building HVAC, Industrial HVAC and Paint Finishing Systems.

Financial Data

Here, you can see information about orders received, net sales, assets and cash flow for each business field.

History of TAIKISHA

About Taikisha's history from its foundation in 1913 to the present.

Philosophy and Vision

Based on the spirit of "Customers First", we aim to be an attractive company that can grow perpetually and contribute to society.

Efforts for CSR and the Environment

About Taikisha's policies and efforts for CSR, the environment, quality, and health and safety.

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