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History of TAIKISHA

1. From Kenzaisha to Taikisha...

Since our establishment, our goal has been to provide products meeting international quality standards. We have been constantly conscious of technological developments around the world and aggressively promoted international business.

2. The Dawn of the HVAC Industry (~1930s)

We installed a revolutionary system of forced circulation hot water heating for an entire seven-story structure. With this success, we became known as the heating system company with the highest level of design and construction abilities, and established a lasting reputation in the industry.

3. Industrial HVAC Systems and Taikisha (1940s-present)

After World War II, Kenzaisha (now Taikisha) contributed to the rebuilding of Japan, and we gained a reputation as the leading industrial air-conditioning company.

4. Creating Comfortable Environments

We flexibly handle requests for greater sophistication and offer facilities and equipment for a variety of fields.

5. History of Paint Finishing Systems (1930s-present)

Taikisha maintains stable management amid intense international competition for paint systems with its two business pillars of air-conditioning and paint finishing systems.

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