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TAIKISHA's Advantages

Our advantages include the following 3 points.

Point1: Producing stable profits with operations in 3 business fields

Taikisha conducts operations in three business fields, Building HVAC, Industrial HVAC and Paint Finishing System. Sales and profits from Industrial HVAC and Paint Finishing System are likely to increase during the time when companies actively carry out capital investments. On the other hand, Building HVAC are in constant demand mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area as this business industry is not easily affected by economic ups and downs.

Characteristically, the period for new construction projects of Industrial HVAC and Paint Finishing System is relatively short and only takes around one to two years while the period for Building HVAC is longer, ranging from two to seven years.
We flexibly respond to changes in the external environment by balancing activities in these 3 business fields in order to ensure profits.

Sales by division (Consolidated)

Net income and Dividends (Consolidated)

Point2: A solid global network

One of the key features of Taikisha is its ability to ensure a remarkably high overseas sales ratio compared to other companies in the construction industry, thanks to the fact that it currently has 35 consolidated overseas subsidiaries (As of March 31,2019). It was in 1971 that we established our first overseas business office in Thailand.
While the emergence of Japanese manufacturers within each industry into international markets has been accelerated, this powerful global network has become our strong point giving us the advantage leading to an increase in the number of orders received (The overseas sales ratio accumulated at the Fiscal Year ended March, 2019 was 47.1%).

Global Network

  • Global Network
Asia China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnum, Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, India
Europe UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Hungary
Americas USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil

Overseas sales ratio

Point3: The development of our unique Businesses

Here are Taikisha's unique businesses that are not provided by other air-conditioning equipment companies.

1. Paint Finishing System Business

Taikisha conducts a unique Paint Finishing System business, which differentiates itself from that of our competitors. With the support of customers consisting mainly of Japanese and locally based major foreign automobile manufacturers, we design and construct paint finishing plants for automobiles and boast top-class worldwide sales in this field.
In addition to the active capital investments of locally based major Chinese automobile manufacturers, the capital investments of Japan's manufacturers are also currently in a recovery trend.

2. NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone) Recovery System

Electric vehicles and hybrid cars are expected to rapidly spread due to their eco-friendliness. The main energy source for these types of automobiles is a lithium-ion secondary battery. For manufacturing this battery, a NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone) solution is indispensable and in this manufacturing process, a gas containing great amounts of NMP is emitted. Our unique technology recovers the highly concentrated NMP from the gas, containing only 10% or less of moisture. The recovered NMP can be reused after refining.
Our unique technology, "NMP Recovery System" boasts a top-class delivery record in Japan.

3. New Decontamination System, "HYPER DRYDECO"

Laws and regulations require the rooms of aseptic pharmaceutical plants and gene testing facilities to be decontaminated. Previously, formaldehyde was used for the decontamination process. However, according to the revision of the Industrial Health and Safety Act in 2008, the use of formaldehyde was deemed to be inappropriate as it is known to cause irritation of the mucous membranes, leading to harmful effects on the human body.
To resolve this issue, Taikisha focused its attention on hydrogen peroxide, which has a low environmental impact and is highly safe for the human body, and in conjunction with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, jointly developed a new decontamination system named "HYPER DRYDECO", which is environmentally-friendly and safe for humans. This is an eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free decontamination system.

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