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Zama Technical Center

Research and Studies

The Zama Technical Center conducts paint tests and develops paint finishing systems by using paint robots and other equipment, and carries out painting simulations and tests under varying conditions using a wide variety of car bodies and paint materials. Paint booths, flash-off devices, and ovens make it possible to discover the optimal system for use in paint facilities.

Technologies with Achievements

The Zama Technical Center facilities consist of the following 3 zones: Planning zone, Laboratory zone, and Assembly zone.

Planning zone

It is crucial to make careful planning and designs when constructing paint plants. Using CAD software, we simulate the movement of paint robots and various other pieces of automatic paint finishing equipment then examine the quality specs to ensure they satisfy the client’s desires.

Laboratory zone

Our paint quality has been verified in operations of actual robots.

Painting line

It is equipped with two simultaneously-operated paint booths, and this is the only place in Asia where a test using water-based paint and three types of wet paint on an actual product can be carried out. It is possible to adjust booth airflow rates and booth charge air temperatures in a broad range.

Painting robot

Paint finishing tests can be carried out using the same robot and applications as in the actual line. The same teaching program is applicable at actual lines after it is used in paint finishing tests.


The flash-off system can perform tests on paint robots that use water-based paint and three types of wet paint under a variety of conditions. The oven can give a baking finish to actual products, and the paint finish quality can be checked on the actual product.

Measurement room

In the measurement room the paint finish quality is judged, data is organized, and then a report is created.

Assembly zone

Each part will be temporarily assembled in order to perform tests on functionality and operation, and to check quality before delivery.

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