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We will strive for a sustainable society by living up to the trust and expectations of all our customers.

Since the foundation in 1913, we have strived to provide the optimal environment and conditions for people’s daily lives and industries. At present, we are conducting business globally in two core business fields: the Green Technology System Business involved in designing and constructing air-conditioning systems for factories, offices, and hospitals and others; and the Paint Finishing System Business involved in designing and constructing paint finishing plants mainly for automobiles.

Our “Customers First” Mission Statement embodies the concept that our stakeholders at Taikisha are broadly interpreted as “Customers,” including not only direct clients in the aforementioned businesses but also business partners, employees and their family members, shareholders, supervisory authorities, the global environment and communities/societies, and represents our desire to live up to the trust and expectations of such stakeholders.

I believe the essence of our CSR activities is to keep to this desire and endeavor to help achieve a sustainable society through our businesses.

Today, in a world where social issues are increasingly diverse and complex, there are rising expectations for the capacity of corporations to solve them. Given such circumstances, based on the self-awareness of being a responsible member of society and with the profound understanding of the importance of the roles/responsibilities to be fulfilled as a global corporation, we intend to address a variety of social issues and fully capitalize on our own strengths to solve such issues.

As an energy-, air- and water-based engineering corporation, we are committed to making the efforts to remain a company that achieves sustainable growth, and that is needed by society. We would greatly appreciate the continued understanding and support of our stakeholders.

Kato Koji

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