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CSR at Taikisha

Taikisha’s Materiality

Taikisha believes it is important to determine, assess and verify “materiality” in terms of “material matters” at the management level that should be addressed as a matter of priority, and run the PDCA cycle for CSR activities without fail.

Review of Materiality

In consideration of changes in society that have taken place since the determination of “materiality” in June 2017, Taikisha conducted a materiality assessment afresh in view of both sustainability of society (i.e., stakeholders’ expectations) and sustainability of Taikisha (i.e., the extent of the impact on long-term growth).
This time, the top management played a central role in reviewing materiality, following discussion and confirmation of appropriateness (based on a questionnaire survey) by members of the Board of Directors.
The key focus of discussions was “shifting from CSR materiality to management materiality,” and the biggest objective was to “build a business model that would enable the realization of sustained value creation” by envisioning Taikisha in its ideal form from a long-term perspective and its roadmap/direction to realize it.

Evolution of Materiality at Taikisha

Materiality Determination Process

Taikisha specified the candidate material issues by broadly taking into consideration the International Integrated Reporting Framework, the viewpoint of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), global risks, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other new issues surrounding sustainability, in addition to various conventional frameworks and guidelines related to social responsibility from an all-encompassing viewpoint.
Taikisha quantified and visualized weighting from its clients’ perspectives based on the materiality to its major clients, in addition to weighting as recognized by society in general based on external frameworks and guidelines in terms of weighting evaluation by external standards.


New Materiality Scheme

Taikisha determined eight material issues that leverage its strengths and DNA to build a business model that would enable the “realization of sustained value creation” by dividing them into: (1) items directly related to management and business strategies; and (2) items that create social value. Additionally, Taikisha sorted items that are indispensable for realizing them into (3) “management infrastructure.”

Materiality Determination Process

Main SDGs to which the Taikisha Group contributes through its businesses

The Taikisha Group upholds Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are common goals being tackled by the world as a whole to realize a sustainable society. Taikisha is engaging in initiatives to achieve SDGs, focusing on goals that have a stronger connection to its businesses.

Taikisha’s Materiality

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