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VOC Treatment System for paint processes

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In paint processes, odor is caused from paint-drying ovens and VOC from paint booths. These emissions are regulated by the Offensive Odor Control Law and Air Pollution Control Law as well as regulations by local governments regarding living environments.
We offer highly efficient and economical odor control devices for paint-drying oven exhaust and VOC treatment systems for paint booth exhaust.

Our VOC Treatment System Lineup

Horizontal Rotary RTO

Horizontal Rotary RTO is our new type of RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) with a significantly reduced unit height, achieved by having a switching valve installed on the side of the conventional RTO main unit.
This lower height enables it to be installed, for example, under a mountain furnace in a factory and conserve indoor space for further efficient use. Moreover, it can contribute to total cost reductions including installation. This new type has taken over the design concepts of the conventional Rotary RTO and offers as high an operational performance as the conventional product can offer.


example of installation

Fluidized Bed Concentrator (FBC)

The Fluidized Bed Concentrator, or FBC, is an activated carbon adsorption system designed to capture and destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from industrial process exhausts.

An FBC system consists of three main pieces of equipment: the Adsorber, where the VOCs are captured; the Desorber, where the VOCs are heated and released; and the Thermal Oxidizer, where the VOCs are destroyed. The Adsorber and Desorber skid are show at right or below.

Fluidized Bed Concentrator (FBC) (see "TKS Industrial Company")

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