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Stratherm® · L (Latent Heat Storage System)

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Due to factors such as ever-increasing OA equipment, cooling loads are on the rise. In existing buildings, an increase in the loads is often managed with the daytime operation of cooling machines, leading directly to the additional installation of cooling machines and an increase in running costs. Expanding the heat storage volume with latent heat storage can eliminate the need for the extension of cooling sources, enhance the utilization of nighttime power, and reduce running costs.

* Stratherm® · L was awarded the Heat Pump & Thermal Storage Technology Center of Japan Board Chairperson's Prize in June 2004.

Structure of Stratherm® · L

Ideal for Renewal

This technology is most suitable for the renewal of:

  • A medium-sized building in which the capacity of a water heat storage system needs to be expanded
  • A building with a low utilization of nighttime power (insufficient volume of night-time heat storage)
  • A building with increased cooling loads
  • A building with high running costs in electric power for air conditioning

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Up to 2.3 Times Greater Capacity of Heat Storage

Stratherm® · L utilizes the heat from the phase change of latent heat materials (about 120kJ/kg) for heat storage and radiation. It can provide up to around two times greater capacity than that of existing water heat storage tanks. The latent heat material can endure repeated phase changes without degradation in durability.

When used with our Stratherm® system

At heat storage

At heat release

No Need for Additional Space for Installation

Simply installing latent heat materials in an existing water heat storage tank can expand its heat storage capacity. The standard installation method fills resin boxes with paraffin sticks, and then sequentially installs the boxes in the water tank. The size and weight of the resin boxes are determined based on working efficiency and their installation route. They have a separator-less structure that doesn't obstruct water flow.

No Need for Additional Heat Sources, Low Running Cost

If an expansion of heat storage capacity fits within the structural margins of the existing cooling machines, additional cooling machines and other equipment are not required. Piping and electrical constructions are also not needed. The required temperature of the cooled water from cooling machines can be as high as 4°C to 5°C, enabling lower running costs than that with ice heat storage methods.

Shorted Period of Construction

Basically, it requires only a few days for installation. All we need to do is install the latent heat materials in to your existing water heat storage tank, there is no need for other activities such as construction. However, some cooling machines may need modifications.

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