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Stratherm® · I (Supercooling Dynamic-type Ice Thermal Storage System)

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High-density Heat Storage System Using the Latent Heat of Ice

In response to ever-increasing cooling loads, utilization of power leveling and reinforcement of heat storage in limited spaces are required.
Stratherm® · I is designed to expand the heat storage capacity by utilizing the latent heat of ice.

General Features of Ice Heat Storage

  • Provides high-density heat storage using the latent heat of ice.
  • Uses a more compact heat storage tank than that for water heat storage.
  • Consistently produces low-temperature cold water.

System of Stratherm®· I

  • Accommodates for increases in cooling loads without an increase in contracted electric power.
  • Enables electric power leveling (peak cutting) by expanding the utilization of night-time power with night-time heat storage operation.
  • The exiting heat storage tanks can also be used for expanding the heat storage capacity during renovations.

Features of Stratherm®· I

  • Flexible installation
    Can be built on-site, imposing fewer restrictions on installation of the ice machine, cooling machine, and heat storage tank.
  • Stable ice making operation
    It can stably produce ice water slurry with its own supercooling canceller.
  • Ideal for renovations
    When expansion of the heat storage capacity is required in response to an increase in cooling loads, the system can be converted to an ice heat storage tank using the existing water heat storage tank.
  • Good ice-melting characteristics
    Capable of providing a large volume of stable, low-temperature cold water in a short period of time, the system effectively reductes power consumption during peak load hours.

Example of system flow

Example Installation of Stratherm® · I

In operation in our Research and Development Center.

Temperature characteristics of cold water circulation in heat radiating operation
(Conditions of heat radiation: Support for three-hour peak cutting load, the tank stirred)

Inside of a heat storage tank

External view of a supercooling canceller
(Ice nucleus generator)

External view of a heat storage tank
(Also applicable to an underground heat storage tank)

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