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Super Stratherm · G (Ground-based Super-stratified-flow Water Heat Storage Tank)

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Cost & Space saving, Highly-efficient Heat Storage Tank

This technology is recommended for customers who want to introduce a heat storage system but don't have enough space for installation.
Traditionally, water heat storage tanks have been installed in building facilities such as an underground pit. This has imposed a heavy restriction on the use of the tank, making it difficult to draw the full benefits of it.
As opposed to traditional underground heat storage tanks, our ground-based super-stratified-flow water heat storage tanks can be built separately with full functions of traditional tanks making them free from various restrictive installation conditions. They deliver higher efficiency and significantly contributes to reductions in running costs.

* Super Stratherm was awarded the Heat Pump & Thermal Storage Technology Center of Japan's Prize for Promotion in June 2002.

Example Installation

Cost saving
This technology enables you to shift electricity use from daytime to nighttime, reducing the per-unit price of electric power. The result is a reduction in your running costs.
Space saving
This ground-based tank incorporates a heat storage tank in the one unit, so when installing in a facility such as a factory, it could be installed in a corner area of the parking lot, using the total footprint of only seven or eight cars.
High efficiency
This system operates the Energy Plant device with the highest efficiency, raising COP higher. By sending a small amount of water from the medium temperature layer in the tank to the intake side of the cooling machine, it prevents the low and high temperature sides from being mixed, providing a heat storage efficiency of 95% or higher.

How Super Stratherm · G Works (cold water operation)

At heat storage

At heat release

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Features of Super Stratherm · G

  • Reduces the required capacity of Energy Plant devices. (Reduction of the initial cost of powered facilities)
  • Reduces the base cost of electricity.
  • Allows the use of public financial support.
  • Construction can be completed in a short-term.

Heat supply chart for super stratherm G

Monitoring screen for super stratherm G

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