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Stratherm® System (Temperature-stratified-flow Heat Storage Tank)

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Promotion of Energy Saving for Heat Source Plants

A heat storage tank stores inexpensive night-time power in the form of heat in an underground or aboveground water tank, and utilizes it in the daytime, the peak hours of heat demand. This can greatly reduce the unit price of energy consumption, and provides a significant cost saving in electricity. It also allows the capacity of cooling and heating source devices to be downsized.
Utilizing a heat storage tank, cold water can be supplied at a consistent temperature. In case of an emergency, such as a power failure, it can also offer the benefit of continuous operation in cooperation with a backup power source.

Super Stratherm TRFI type

* coloring represents cooling operation
TRFII type
TLF type TCF type

We are the industry-leading developer of temperature-stratified-flow heat storage tanks, that have a low mixing loss between the low and high temperature areas, with high capacity efficiency. One product in particular, the Super Stratherm, a super-stratified-flow heat storage tank, is equipped with an intermediate intake that automatically goes up and down, following the movement of the medium temperature layer formed between the low and high temperature areas. It can deliver remarkably sharper temperature stratification than with traditional methods, consistently providing optimal efficiency even in complex operational modes.

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