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Spacefine (Ultra-precise Temperature Control Chamber)

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This technology provides a precise temperature control at the level of ±5/1,000°C.

For manufacturing systems that require high-performance positioning, such as semiconductor and liquid crystal exposure systems, and precision measurement systems such as an electronic balance, Spacefine, with a direct expansion coil and hot gas reignition, provides energy saving, low cost, and high precision solutions.

Structure of Ultra-precise Temperature Control Chamber (External View, Front & Main Chambers)

  • Example installations of a direct expansion spacefine unit
    • As a precision temperature control chamber installed in semiconductor and LCD factories.
    • As other manufacturing or testing rooms that require precision temperature control.

  • Adoption of a high-precision multi-loop controller
    • Two point sensors cascade-control discharged air.
    • Appropriate draft correction control based on installation environment.
  • Cleanliness: 0.1µm, Class 1
  • Low outgas materials reduce the concentration of chemicals in the chamber (ITRS-compliant).
  • Special thermal insulation panels are used.

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