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Louvreme® (Vertical-type Waterproof Louver)

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Vertical-type Waterproof Louver

We provide louvers that drastically improve the effectiveness of design, functionality, and earthquake resistance.

Use case of Louvreme®

Vertical blades installed

Features of Louvreme®

  • The vertical eliminator dramatically improves draining capabilities, especially for rain blow upwards and in a typhoon.

Comparison of the draining capabilities in a typhoon.

  • Reduced resistance coefficient -> Greater energy saving
  • Dramatic reduction of noises (High-speed type: 67dB, Medium-speed type: 51dB)
  • The high-speed type supports a face velocity of up to 4.5m/s.
  • The installation area is halved relative to traditional louvers.  The opening area on the wall can be smaller.

Cross-sectional Model of Louvreme® Blades

Images of cross section

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