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DRYDECO mobby (Mobile Hydrogen Peroxide-based Decontamination System)

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  • For Hospital, Healthcare & Elderly Welfare Facilities

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Space-saving and cost-saving hydrogen peroxide-based decontamination system available to a broad range of biological cleanrooms.

Taking over the concept of HYPER DRYDECO, which prevents certain substances from forming hydrogen peroxide under indoor conditions, this mobile unit enables you to decontaminate hydrogen peroxide and to minimize corrosion under specific indoor conditions.

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Flexible and Low-cost Mobile System

It is highly flexible for use in various environments and offers a broad range of decontamination scales, decontamination frequencies, and required decontamination levels. This is a low-cost hydrogen peroxide-based decontamination system that can be used without having fixed facilities.

Equipped with Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Monitor

Inside the system there is a Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) hydrogen peroxide density measuring device and the system measures hydrogen peroxide density under indoor conditions in real time. It enables you to control interior density and provides safe and optimum decontamination.

Compact Size to Carry by Car

VHP unit 450 (W) x 900 (L) x 955 (H), 100 kg approx. (weight)
Utility unit

* Not including the sensor unit

550 (W) x 1200 (L) x 960 (H), 180 kg approx. (weight)

After the concept of HYPER DRYDECO

  • Our unique software, Hyper9, helps you set optimal decontamination conditions with its simulation function.
  • The system ensures that decontamination is conducted based on the total-drying method so that it prevents certain substances forming hydrogen peroxide.
  • It minimizes corrosion risks.

  • Compact size for transport by a minivan and high-accuracy decontamination
  • Quick daily report based on trends of density of hydrogen peroxide gas

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